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Carlsbad Village Faire

Carlsbad Village Faire 2013

The Carlsbad Village Faire is November 3rd, 2013! From 8am-5pm, be a part of the largest single day street fair in the nation. It’s grown from a local attraction to attracting people nationwide, with over 100,000 in attendance. Yes, we like to brag about it. But there’s a reason! The 850+ vendors are enticement alone- name anything and it’s probably for sale at the faire. If you’re more of a foodie, the traditional pancake breakfast and international food center are slices of heaven. Or while your kids are in the bounce house, on the super slide, or rock climbing, you can listen to live bands in the wine and beer garden. On it’s 40th year, this faire is something we’ve come to love and regard as one of Carlsbad’s gems.
If you’re coming in for the faire, or it happens to fall within your vacation dates, we’d love to be the ones to make your stay in Carlsbad a memorable one. Our friendly team, close vicinity to the beach, and prime location make it easy to see Carlsbad, without ever taking your car out of the lot.